SO2 Removal

Successfully removed SO2 discharge from the acid sulphuric unit of a petrol-chemical site.

Incinerator installation
Successfully installed and tested a small scale incinerator for a customer for demo purposes
Control System design
Designed and tested an Industrial Controller software and hardware for incinerators. 
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Enviromental Technology:

Low emission flue gas specially NOx and Dioxin. Emissions are below E.C. allowable standards.  Low capital investment.  Auxiliary system allows to reduce the CO2 production.
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Solution to the refused Municipal:

Solution to trash, garbage, Industrial refused and its environmental problems. Converting of invaluable rest recycle rubbish, to valuable energy. Cheap energy production compare to another type of fuel. Low investment. Clean and environmental friendly surrounding.
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Incinerator and Main Components Design:

Incinerator Design. Combined technology related to MSW. Developing the existence technology. Auxiliaries system.
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Small Scale Furnaces for Hospitals